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In loving memory of Avery Monique Bechtel
March 27, 1998 - August 15, 2011
Artists, Sue Stockman and Bobby Malzone work with SMCC after school kids to create a mosaic memorial in
depicting a friendship circle of love in honor of Avery Bechtel
At SMCC on Thursdays after school, any child
interested in learning about starting a garden,
planting seeds, tending the garden beds, harvesting
the bounty and recipes to make meals with what
we've grown is welcome to join anytime for free!      
Call Trish at 410-745-6073
The Garden Committee of
St. Michaels Community
Center, under the
leadership of Laurie Pratt,r
worked diligently for
nearly two years to
achieve the goal of
building a truly community
garden in St. Michaels.
With the help of so many,
such as Jerry Leonard,
Jack Shannahan, Frank
Hopkinson, Roger Clark,
The Rotary Club of St.
Michaels, Christmas in St.
Michaels, Master
Gardners, Volunteers from
Habitat for Humanity,
Water Boys for Jesus, The
Boy Scouts, The Town of
St. Michaels and much
more, a wonderfully
beautiful space has been
created to grow food,
friendships and
Reverand Johnson officially opening the
SMCC Community Garden

Hours:  Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm
Location:  at 933 S. Talbot Street, St. Michaels
This quaint resale shop is staffed by community volunteers. Newcomers are always welcome to join us.
The Treasure Cove is always in need of clean, in season, clothing,  gently used furniture and  usable household goods.
We generally do not accept large appliances but will take your name and number in case we have a family in need.
Every penny we earn from your donations goes towards underwriting the programs and operating expenses of the St. Michaels Community Center.
SMCC strives to meet the unfilled needs of our community by providing low-cost merchandise that goes
back into our community. Please call 410-745-0669 if you'd like to volunteer your time or make a donation.
Thanks for your support !
Chuck Shenk with kids
The green tomatoes are piled by the big tree, the green beans have been stripped from all the gardens and there is not a gardener in sight. The mystery of the garden thief is quickly solved by observant neighbors. It appears that the deer
prefer the green beans and the squirrels have a preference for green tomatoes. The St. Michaels Community Garden is apparently a community garden in every sense of the word.

What comes to mind first when you think of a Community Garden: produce or community? Well, you will find an ample supply of both at the St. Michaels Community Garden. This grass roots project is a perfect example of folks building
something from scratch with the help of the whole community. In June of 2010, the Garden Planning Committee began meeting under the auspices of the St. Michaels Community Center. The committee grew to encompass volunteers
who shared their goal of a community garden. Inspired by the leadership of St. Michaels resident Laurie Pratt, the group worked diligently to bring this garden to fruition. When asked for his view of the garden Pratt replied, “By all accounts,
we are off to an enthusiastically successful first year. Surpassing the expectations of many, this year’s experience should make next year even better.”

Local groups such as the St. Michaels Rotary Club, Christmas in St. Michaels, Miller Electric, Bartlett Tree, Shanahan Wells, Jerry Leonard, Eagle Scout Lamont Brickhouse, Boy Scout Troop 741, the Thursday crew of Habitat for Humanity,
and the Easton Water Boys have all been generous with their time and labor. Horticulturist Roger Galvin created the original garden design and resident Frank Hopkinson created a template for the beds and built ten of them himself. Karin
Simmons at Bay Hundred Botanicals donated pepper and lettuce seedlings and Carol Bean from Pot Pie Farm donated lettuce seedlings. The St. Michaels Commissioners and the St. Michaels Community Center provided enthusiastic
support for the project.

The 40 beds were made available to rent for $5.00 each per year. Interested gardeners could pick up an application at the St. Michaels Community Center and now those 40 beds are bursting at the seams with a variety of fresh produce.
There are tomatoes, lettuce, beets, peas, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, and more, with the corresponding gardeners a perfect picture of the local community. There are children from Critchlow Atkins Day Care center who tend
their beds regularly , which often requires on the spot tasting, just to make sure things are ripe. There are Master Gardeners who are generous with advice for the beginning gardeners. Seniors, teens and all ages in between are meeting
new people and learning from each other while they water, weed and harvest their crops.

Aside from community involvement, educating new gardeners in Bay Wise gardening methods has been an important goal of the project. Along with learning sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, people have enjoyed making
their beds uniquely their own with a variety of garden art. There is a garden pig, flamingos, a bird cage, statues, scare crows and more.

The garden is not only for individuals to enjoy, but also offers another source of nutritious food for those in need. Reverend Emanuel Johnson and members of Union United Methodist Church share their crop with members of the
community and excess produce is donated by the gardeners to the St. Michaels Food Bank and the St. Michaels Community Center.

While bringing pleasure to many, the garden has become a very popular tourist spot in town; everyone brings visitors to witness the new and bustling sight. Locals pack a lunch and sit on the benches enjoying the beauty of this lovely
oasis. Gardener Mala Burt offered this observation when asked about her experience as a member of the Community Garden: “I planted the first seeds in my garden on March 19th and we were eating French Breakfast radishes a month
later. I planted sugar snap peas at one end of my bed because I wanted the children from the daycare to be able to pick them and taste how sweet a raw pea can be. I love meeting people at the community garden as we water and weed
and compare notes about what is doing well and what was not successful.”

The garden provides a vital space where local residents can learn gardening practices and at the same time turn a vacant lot into a vibrant space where people gather to work together and socialize.

The Community Garden is located beside the St. Michaels branch of Talbot County Free Library at 106 Fremont Street. For info: contact Val Kenn Gray at 410 745-2418, or Trish Payne at St. Michaels Community Center at 410 745-6073.
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To find out more about the St. Michaels Community Center .... Click Here:    What is SMCC all about???
Chief Tony Smith of the SMPD teamed up with Trish Payne of SMCC and through
the S.M.Y.L.E. (St. Michaels Youth and Law Enforcement)  took eight children and
their parents to the Wilderness Presidential Resort in Spotsylvania, VA over a the
long Easter holiday weekend. A reward program was intiated that allowed children
to earn the opportunity to go with their families to the resort by completing
community service projects or participating in drug and alcohol prevention
classes. Chief Smith and Trish Payne intend to offer 3 - 4 trips per year to
alternating groups of local children and their families.

To see all the fun click on the link below
SMPD & SMCC, our 1st trip to Wilderness Resort, Spotsylvania, VA
First Camp Wilderness Resort Trip
with Chief Tony Smith
Frequently throughout the year, SMCC and S.M.Y.L.E. provide community service opportunities and/or
drug/alcohol abuse prevention programs to the youth and families of our community. The community
service activities often help our neighbor non-profits or the Town of St. MIchaels and instill a sense of
accomplishment and pride. Young participants earn eligibility to join SMCC and (sometimes
representatives of S.M.Y.L.E). on a weekend camp trip to the Wilderness Presidential Resort in
Spotsyvania ( Call Trish at 410-745-6073 to learn how to join us!
SMCC and S.M.Y.L.E. join forces to inspire youth to
"Give Back to the Community"
click here to find out more:  "Community Give Back"
The Green Team
at Pickering Creek
On October 10, the Jr. Gardeners used vegetables and herbs from our
Community Garden beds and learned to make spaghetti sauce from
scratch. It was SOOOOO good!
The Green Team
The Treasure Cove Thrift Store
May 2014
Click here to view the fun!
Family Wilderness Weekend May 2014
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St. Michaels Community Center  ~  1990 - 2015 ~  Celebrating 25 years of community service!
Ongoing SMCC Programming

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays - Chess Club
from 1 - 3 p.m., at Railroad Avenue, no charge, everyone
welcome from novice to expert.

Every Wednesday,  6 - 8 p.m. and Sundays from Noon to 4 p.m.
Mosaics with Jen Wagner.
Stained Glass Window Project,  $250 fee includes instruction,
supplies and use of tools. No time limit. Other projects priced
individually.  Contact Jen at 443-521-4084.

Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday  from 9 a.m. to noon,
Duck Carving Class with Master Carver, Larry Parker
Everyone welcome from novice to pro. Fee based by project.

Every Wednesday -  Senior Lunch Gathering
9:30 - 10:15 Chair Yoga with Susan Irwin at  the St. Michaels
Housing Authority Bldg. on Dodson Avenue in St. Michaels
from 10:30 - 12:30 at Railroad Avenue, no charge,  donation
requested for lunch, provided by Upper Shore Aging.
Activities vary weekly. Week 1 - Bingo, Week 2 - YMCA Brain Games,
Week 3 - Art/Crafts, Week 4 - guest speaker.  All are welcome.

Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays,  Community Tennis,
8:30 a.m. at the courts at the St. Michaels High School.
Moderate to intermediate players are welcome to join. No charge.
Call 410-745-9589 for more information.

The St. Michaels Community Center was formally initiated in 1990 by locals, many
of whom were from the Christmas in St. Michaels group and Christ Episcopal
Church who wanted a community organization to do after-school programs for
students, Payne said. It started small. “Actually, they started in a (maintenance)
closet in the elementary school,” Payne said.

Several years later, volunteers from the community center started a thrift store,
Treasure Cove, which originally started in a trailer, to gain an income stream to
support the community center’s activities, Payne said. The thrift store later moved
to a space at 1110 South Talbot St., where the community center operated until
2009, at which point it rented space at its current location at Railroad Avenue. The
building at 103 Railroad Avenue belonged to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime
Museum, said St. Michaels Commissioner President Joanne Clark. A private buyer
bought the property and leased it to the community center, and has been doing it
ever since.

But soon, the community center will own the building, thanks to the grant St.
Michaels town officials applied for on behalf of the community center.
Payne said the community center and its role in St. Michaels have grown so much
over 25 years. There are programs for everyone from toddlers to senior citizens,
and it serves more than 12,000 people a year, she said.
She said the community center’s main mission is to provide resources for the
needs of the people of St. Michaels and the Bay Hundred area in whatever way
those needs present themselves, and those needs can change day by day. “We fill
the (role) that nobody else is going to. We kind of plug in the holes where maybe
things haven’t gotten thought of or haven’t gotten done,” Payne said. “We just fill
those gaps so that everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be.”

Payne highlighted some of the programs the community center offers — after-
school classes; summer camps; expanding sports programs; a mentoring series
in which kids learn from a professional like a master carver or filmmaker; an
entrepreneur program; a swim program financed by the Miles River Yacht Club
Foundation; family events like camping weekend; theater projects; community
concerts; and programs that help those in need.

When Payne first started working for the community center in 2007, she said that
since there was no physical building people could connect with and identify as
the community center it was difficult to get funding and support.
The property at Railroad Avenue gave people a focal point, she said, and the St.
Michaels Community Center started getting recognition for its role.
Now that the center is getting its own home, the response from the community has
only gotten better, Payne said. Clark said the St. Michaels commissioners were
very pleased to apply for the grant on behalf of the community center, calling the
move a “no-brainer.” “The community center plays such an important role in the
everyday life of St. Michaels citizens and all the residents of the Bay Hundred
community,” Clark said. Clark said the community center’s concerts in Muskrat
Park on summer Thursdays are one of the more popular events in town.

The community center also teams up with with the St. Michaels Police Department
for programs like S.M.Y.L.E. — St. Michaels Youth and Law Enforcement — and the
Junior Police Academy. The importance of those programs “can’t be
underestimated” in regard to Chief Anthony Smith’s maxim of community policing,
Clark said.  “They (the community center) support citizens of all ages, which really
strengthens our community and social bonds,” Clark said.

Payne said the community center, in partnership with the Talbot Senior Center,
will soon open a senior center in St. Michaels to give the town’s elderly residents a
place to socialize, get out of the house and get involved in activities like chair
yoga, dancing or nutrition classes. The community center in St. Michaels works
with other nonprofit organizations like Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, the
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, local churches, the police department and the
library, “and that’s a big focus for us,” Payne said.

Renovations and improvements are planned for the center’s building, though it’s
all conceptual at this point, Payne said, adding they’re hoping to build a large multi-
purpose room and have a two-story structure with offices, classrooms and a
commercial kitchen.
Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:00 am | Updated: 10:05 am, Wed Aug 12,

ST. MICHAELS — While the St. Michaels Community Center celebrates 25 years
of giving, it’s finally getting something of its own — a home. The community
center in St. Michaels has been leasing its current building at 103 Railroad
Avenue since 2009. It was recently awarded a $450,000 Maryland Department of
Housing and Community Development grant to buy the building, and Executive
Director Trish Payne said once the check is sent and the settlement clears, the
dream of owning the facility will finally be realized. “The community center has
been like the best kept secret in St. Michaels for a long time,” Payne said. “We’re
so many things.”
A Growing Role in the Community
FOX News interviews Chief Smith of SMPD and Trish Payne
of the St. Michaels Community Center, July 2015
to talk about the important S.M.Y.L.E. program
click the link below to watch the interview
S.M.Y.L.E and SMCC interview
Karen Shook, Board President of the St. Michaels Community Center is seen here presenting a
cake to Executive Director, Trish Payne to celebrate her 8th year anniversary with this amazing,
non-profit organization that has been serving the Bay Hundred Area and beyond since 1990.
Trish Payne's interview video with
The Talbot Spy   click here   
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